2005 Panasonic Scholarship Awards
Date: March 4, 2005
Event Location: Panasonic Headquarters, Secaucus, New Jersey
Host: Mr. Yoshi Yamada, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Panasonic Corporation of North America
Event Coordinators from Panasonic: William Rooney & Nancy Kanson
Emcee: Mario Bosquez, Anchorman, CBS 2 News This Morning

Award Recipients

Claudia Castellanos
Patrina Harris
Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr.
Cesar Isabel
Roza Khamitova
Erica Maldonado
Thomas Ng
Amin Torres
Allen Watson

Attendees Pictures

 Yoshi Yamada, Chairman/CEO - Panasonic Corporation North America
William Rooney, Director/External Affairs - Panasonic Consumer Electronics
Nancy Kanson, Manager Outreach Programs - Panasonic Consumer Electronics
Josephine Calise, Associate Analyst Strategic Giving Public Affairs - Con Edison of NY
Elena Widder, Director of Performing Arts Programs VSA arts
Heather Steliga - School of Visual Arts
William Berrios - School of Visual Arts
Mario Bosquez, Anchorman - CBS 2 News This Morning
Jim Taratunio, President - AYUDA for the Arts
Migdalia Rivera - AYUDA for the Arts
Jerusha Ramos - AYUDA for the Arts
Alan Meltzer - AYUDA for the Arts

Mario Bosquez, Jim Taratunio, Yoshi Yamada William Rooney, Yoshi Yamada, Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr., Patrick Henry Hughes, Sr.
Mario Bosquez Mario Bosquez Migdalia Rivera, Jim Taratunio
William Rooney, Nancy Kanson Yoshi Yamada, Erica Maldonado Yoshi Yamada, Thomas Ng
Cesar Isabel, Josephine Calise William Rooney, Patrina Harris Nancy Kanson, Amin Torres
William Rooney, Roza Khamitova Nancy Kanson, Allen Watson Jim Taratunio, Claudia Castellanos
Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr. Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr. Attendees
Attendees Nancy Kanson, Yoshi Yamada, William Rooney, Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr. Migdalia Rivera, Nancy Kanson, Jim Taratunio
Migdalia Rivera, Jim Taratunio, Allen Watson, Amin Torres, Cesar Isabel,  Patrina Harris, Roza Khamitova, Claudia Castellanos, Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr. (seated), Thomas Ng, Erica Maldonado, Nancy Kanson, Yoshi Yamada, William Rooney, 
Mario Bosquez (background)
Yoshi Yamada, Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr., Elena Widder
Yoshi Yamada, Heather Steliga, Roza Khamitova, Patrina Harris, 
Thomas Ng, William Berrios
Nancy Kanson, Yoshi Yamada, Jerusha Ramos, Alan Meltzer

Click Here to view a report that aired on Wednesday, March 9th on CBS2 News This Morning thanks to our event emcee, Mario Bosquez.  (sound needed).

Special Thanks for:
   Photos Supplied by Gerrity Photographic, Inc.
   Video Edited and Aired by Mario Bosquez, Anchorman, CBS 2 News This Morning      
   Video Clip Provided by Dick Cunningham, Broadcast Productions, Inc.


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