AYUDA for the Arts is dedicated to helping creative young minds develop their artistic potential and make significant contributions to our society through the Arts. Scholarships are open to talented, college-admitted high school seniors and undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need and academic achievement. Scholarships may be applied toward tuition or other education-related expenses. Applicants must have been accepted into a college program and majoring in arts, such as one of the following disciplines:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Advertising Illustration
  • Theatrical Set Design
  • Special Events/Show Production
  • Visual Arts
  • Culinary Arts
  • Music
  • Painting and Sculpture
  • Dance
  • Drama and other performance arts
  • Graphic Design (including electronic media - television, video, or computers)

Download Scholarship Information and Application Here

Application Postmark Deadline

October 15th 2011



AYUDA for the Arts' Mentoring Program gives scholarship recipients the opportunity to partner with professionals working in the arts field that they are pursuing. Mentors can give career guidance, valuable industry insight and opportunities, which can provide the student a greater understanding of the inter-workings of their intended profession through practical work experience.

AYUDA for the Arts believes that mentoring is an effective tool that engages scholarships recipients in positive learning experiences to help them to be more likely to succeed. By sharing their professional and life experiences, mentors serve as positive role models and help scholarship recipients aim at more sound career choices.

By providing financial assistance and mentoring to these students pursuing careers in the Arts, AYUDA for the Arts helps them realize their dreams while giving them an opportunity to use their talent to contribute to their families, communities and society-at-large.




StaceyScottStacey Scott — Performance Arts
You made me feel like, through this program, I would be able to encourage others from many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life letting them know, "If I can do this, you can do this too!". This organization is so very necessary and vital to the health and vitality of the spirit of young adults and their pursuit in the arts.



CynthiaWangCynthia Wang - Photography
Receiving this scholarship motivates me to maintain my GPA and complete my degree. I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals.

EricaMaldonadoErica Maldonado - Graphic Arts
The scholarship I received from AYUDA for the Arts had helped me tremendously last year. I was able to use it for school supplies and be one of the students always prepared for class.



KeithLeungKeith Leung — Graphic Arts
The scholarship lifted pressure off my family's shoulders. It also greatly boosted my confidence in my work. It made me feel the need to do more than what I was capable of doing. Currently, I am working as an Art Director in a small Ad agency.



MayelinNolascoMayelin Nolasco - Fashion Design
AYUDA for the Arts has not only given me a scholarship to pursue my future in fashion but you have also given me invaluable encouragement and support. The scholarship helped me to purchase the supplies I needed to complete my studies. Your interest in my progress which you have shown through your visits and your emails has also been of great importance for me. Thank you for helping me obtain an internship.

542 East 79th Street, Suite 2C * New York, NY 10075 * Phone: 917.968.4191 * Email: info@AyudaArts.org
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