AYUDA for the Arts is an alliance dedicated to helping students with a financial need, pursue their education in art related fields. We offer undergraduate scholarships and mentorship to advance their studies in their chosen field of the arts.


In early 2001, the founders of AYUDA for the Arts saw the need of the many talented, creative young urban students who, due to limited financial opportunities, were unable to further their studies into college programs for design and the arts.

They saw that there are a number of organizations that provide some financial assistance to various segments of the design and arts field. Others are dedicated to a specific ethnic sector. They specifically designed AYUDA for the Arts to stand apart in that it recognizes all fields of design and the arts and all cultural backgrounds. (While "AYUDA" is the Spanish word for "help", they are a multi-cultural organization.)

Examples of the Potential Categories for Scholarships include, but are not limited to:

  • Design - Fashion, Interior, Jewelry, Advertising, Illustration, Theatrical Set, etc.
  • Arts - Graphic Arts, Music, Painting, Literature, Sculpture, Theatre, Dance and other Performance Arts, Culinary Arts, etc

Candidates for scholarships must show dedication and talent in their chosen field in almost any design or art related major. Awarding of the scholarships is done by the selection committee based on the weighing of a number of factors including financial need, academic achievement, judging examples of their work, recommendations, references, a personal statement and an interview. In addition, at the time of the award, the applicant must have been accepted to a qualified institution into a program with a concentration in the field for which they are being considered by AYUDA.

We are proud of how our scholarship program continues to grow through the support of our sponsors. Scholarships have been directly funded by grants given by benevolent companies in our community.


Our goal is to introduce the students to successful individuals in their chosen field of study; mentors, to give the student an experienced insight and guidance with respect to the fields they have chosen.

AYUDA for the Arts is a fully volunteer organization at this time with no salaried staff. But there are still many administrative costs to run the organization. We raise funds through grants, appeals, private donations and fundraising events.


Throughout time, societies have been remembered and judged by the contributions they have made to the various arts of their era. The hope of AYUDA for the Arts is to give today's youth, who have the seed of talent, the resources and nourishment they need to grow their talents to the fullest potential and to eventually leave us with their creative contributions, which will earmark our society of today in the eyes of tomorrow.


James J. Taratunio
National Account Manager
MultiPlan, Inc.

Vice President:
Jasmine Murga CFM
International Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Brett J. Harrison
Law Offices of Brett J. Harrison, PC

Porfirio Figueroa
Special Events Director
Private Club


Board Members:

Josephine Calise
Associate Analyst
Strategic Giving Public Affairs
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc.

Gustavo Carvajal
Idea Catalyst
TVP - The Vidal Partnership

Chely Depablos
Annick Goutal Parfum - Business Manager

Melissa Diaz
Marketing Strategist
Underscore Marketing

Desiree Frazier

Richard Paice
VP, General Manager & Chief Compliance Officer
Sojitz Corporation of America

Audrey Pass
Senior Director
Communications & Public Affairs
WNYW Fox 5 and WWOR My 9

Bruce Seidel
Executive Vice President
Food Network

Robert Springer
Branch Manager
Liberty Mutual

Anthony Toliver
Freedom Hospitality

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